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Answer 8 Questions Get 3 Correct
& Win A
Fight Club* Style Soap Bar

Fight Club Soap
HINT: the quiz questions are all about
independent movie actor
Paul Cram's films. All easily found online.

Soap Bar Quiz:

1. In the following movie trailer for Contract Killers, what does the actress say the maid will have a hard time doing?

Hear it? So she said the maid will have a hard time doing what?

Finding The Keys
Cleaning Up the Sheets
Giving The Kids a Bath
Folding The Dirty Laundry

2. In Paul Cram's interview with Red Box, (read interview here) Paul said that the longest contract he has ever had to sign was for the nudity involved in what movie?

Contract Killers
Herpes Boy
13 Hours in a Warehouse

3. In the following comedy clip, Paul Cram's character says he wants to ride what train?

Scene 6 from HAIR RULES rough cut from Eyehustle Entertainment on Vimeo.

Got it? So Paul Cram's character says he wants to ride what train?
Choo-Choo Train
Bruce Train
Charlie Train
Groom's Train
Chocolate Train

4. What role does Paul play in the movie "Peacock"(See Paul's list of movies here)


5. Paul is in the movie "Contract Killers" which is what genre of movie? (See movie trailer here)


6. On Paul Cram's Demo Reel when does the clip from "Contract Killers" play?

D. Fourth
E. Fifth

7. True or False, Paul Cram has 4 movies listed to rent on the movie rental website Netflix.com, and the Horror movie Intermedio is NOT one of them? 



8. What style is Paul's hair cut in the movie 13 Hours in a Warehouse?

See it? So, what style is Paul's hair cut in the movie?
Military Short
Pony Tail

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If submit button fails to work, email Paul your answers.

Important: I never share your name or email with anyone, ever. I hate SPAM as much as you do.

(*Soap contains no human fat & is logo free it's handmade by indie film actor Paul Cram)

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Actor Paul Cram with Soap

soap making

adding water for the lye soap

making soap

Each handmade bar of soap is made of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, & scented with Mint.


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