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PaulCram on trampoline

A Few of Paul's Favorite Things

1. Bad Habit

Eating in bed. "The crumbs are atrocious, but somehow that never stops a mid-night snack from making it's way into my bed."

2. Favorite Chore

Ironing cotton dress shirts while listening to music

3. Favorite Thing to Do On A Day Off:

Go to the library " I read comic books (aka graphic novels), mystery novels, & teen fiction."

4. Boxers or Briefs?

Both boxers & briefs. "I wear 'em both. Tighty whities most often."

5. Favorite Exercise:

Swimming "Someday, I'd like to start diving."

6. Favorite Cologne:

Catalyst by Halston "It comes in these fun potion-type bottles. I imagine this to be the the smell that would waft to your nostrils upon creaking open the tops of century old barrels of nutmeg that were forgotten in the cellar of a apothecary. The scent contains: Citrus, Leather, Sage, Clove, Sandalwood, Musk, Nutmeg & Lavender."

8. Favorite Role/Characters:

Socially awkward characters "I respond emotionally in my gut to awkward, social outcast types. Love roles where the character is at first mis-judged by the audience."

Paul Cram hails from a sprawling mid-west family, where he learned early that if you had candy in your possession, you ran.
Standing just under six feet & weighing in at 125lbs, Paul is the answer to the question "What do you get if you were to cross Barney Fife and James Dean?"

"...the arts were a place for Paul to excel socially and learn healthy competition..."

Along with the sibling candy warfare, Paul's youth included a colorful association with the arts. Being that he was home schooled from Kindergarten all through high-school graduation, the arts were a place for Paul to excel socially and learn healthy competition amongst strangers. In 1999, he placed in the top 25 in the nation for his piano playing in the NWC fine arts festival. And from 1995 through 1999, he took home blue ribbons from the Minnesota State Fair for his oil paintings. Currently he displays his paintings in the at the Wilcock Gallery in Excelsior, Minnesota.

"...he went to the local library and checked out every title that remotely related to the topic of acting."

Paul says that it was his mom who first got him intrigued with acting by having him perform in theatre at his church. From there the acting bug and the love the world of art grew. When he was sixteen, Paul recalls informing his mom that he wanted to be an actor. Thankfully she didn't try to dissuade him, but rather asked him how he planned on accomplishing his dream. Paul did what most kids that are home schooled do when presented with a problem which they don't have an answer to- he went to the local library and checked out every title that remotely related to the topic of acting. (To this day Paul still spends hours at the library when researching roles.)

"I hope that some of the work I do will reach out and touch people, maybe even help them as it is helping me."

Paul said, "I am not the only person to know sorrow and be touched by grief. I hope that some of the work I do as a performer will reach out and touch people on an emotional level, and maybe even help them as it is helping me." --If you've are in need of emotional or spiritual support, or just need someone to talk to Click HERE for a counseling center designed for individuals, regardless of ability to pay.

When not acting Paul can either be glimpsed with his head in a book between the rows at the library, or running to look for loose railway spikes at an old train station.

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Paul Cram's Hometown News

Paul Cram in Forest Lake PressForest Lake Press
Paul Cram lands work in Hollywood. Paul Cram will be in Los Angeles for the next few weeks with acting plans into the summer.
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Paul Cram, Hank Cram
Paul with his dad at the premier of :"Stealing Summer"

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Paul Cram plays the role of abused teenager ZEE in the supernatural thriller film "Intermedio" alongside a star studded cast including Edward Furlong
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Paul Cram will be among the glitterati tonight at the midnight premiere of "Intermedio," a horror movie in which he appears. Cram, a Wyoming, Minn., native, appears alongside Edward Furlong
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Paul Cram in the Forest Lake Times Forest Lake Times
Paul Cram Reaches Coast to Coast. Paul Cram worked in films around the nation. Traveling to Boston...
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